Addresses & Contact Numbers

Addresses & Contact Numbers

In PT Ultrajaya we have carried out thorough and stringent laboratory tests across the entire process to ensure high quality standards we demand to improve consumer's healthy life or fulfill consumer's expectation can be consistently achieved

Should our product quality is not met your expectation or you have any question related to our brand/product or any feedback which we can use to improve our product quality or service, we will highly appreciate your support to kindly contact us:

Customer Service PT Ultrajaya

Toll Free line
0-800-11-Ultra (85872),
Monday to Friday,
from 8:00 a.m. - 16.30 p.m.
+62-22-86700700 (hunting)
Web address

Customer Hotline

0 800 11 ULTRA
0 800 11 85872



*nomor ini hanya dipergunakan oleh PT Ultrajaya untuk menghubungi konsumen via SMS dan tidak berlaku sebaliknya. Customer Care hanya dapat dihubungi via telepon di nomor 0-800-11-85872
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