Career Development

Personnel Recruitment

Personnel Recruitment

Our management is fully committed to maintain the excellent performance of our product development technology as well as to invest in building strong brands to secure long term growth.

Therefore, one facet of our management strategy is to develop and sustain a highly skilled pool of human resources.

The company's team of some 1,100 employees - comprising management, manufacturing, sales and marketing professionals - are amongst the most highly motivated and experienced in the industry.

PT Ultrajaya has a comprehensive staff development plan which provides skills training, career opportunities and a pension scheme for retiring employees. At the same time, the company has an active recruitment program to maintain a highly productive and professional workforce.

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HR Department
PT Ultrajaya Milk Industry Tbk
Jl. Raya Cimareme 131, Padalarang,
Bandung 40552, Indonesia

Phone  : +62-22-86700700
Fax       : +62-22-6654612

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Customer Hotline

0 800 11 ULTRA
0 800 11 85872



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