Does Ultra Milk contain preservatives to keep the milk fresh longer until 10 months before opening the pack?

Ultra Milk doesn`t contain any preservatives, because it processed through UHT (Ultra High Temperature) treatment. In which it is quickly heated at a high temperature of 140°C for 4 seconds to eliminate all pathogen bacteria. The very short heating time ensures minimal loss of its nutritional value and freshness.

After the milk is aseptically processed, it is immediately packed aseptic cartons which have 6 layers. These cartons comprise of layers of food grade polyethylene plastic, aluminum foil and paper to prevent Ultra Violet light, air and bacteria from coming in contact with the milk.

How long Ultra Milk can be consumed after it's oppened ?
The remaining product must be finished within 4 days. However, it is recommended to finish up the product once the pack is opened to enjoy the product at its freshest. When after opening the content isn't finished yet, the packaging must be closed tightly and kept in the refrigerator at a temperature of 4°C.
Can I give Ultra Milk to my toddlers ?
Actually for Ultra Milk, we recommend to be consumed for consumers aged 1 year and above. If you still want to give your kid (aged 0-13 month) fresh milk, you better combine fresh milk and water with 50:50 comparison. Because in this age, they still sensitive with lactosa or protein in fresh milk.
Last time, we found out that Ultra Milk tasted quite sour. Is it still fine to drink it?
One of the product characteristics of spoiled milk quality is sour taste. When Ultra Milk is contaminated by bacteria after coming in contact with the milk in an opened pack or micro-leaked pack, bacteria will easily spoil the milk lactose and produce a sour taste as Ultra Milk does not contain any preservative to hamper the growth of that bacteria. The spoiled milk is unsafe to drink as it contains some bacteria which are harmful for our health.
If I want to give a warm Ultra Milk to my 14-month daughter, can I boil the milk and how long can we do it without losing the vitamins?
For parents who want to provide warm Ultra Milk for their kids, we recommend that the milk is firstly put in a clean plastic bottle. Soak the bottle in a bowl with some hot water for a few minutes until the milk becomes warm. Now warm Ultra Milk is ready for your beloved kids. By doing this, the nutritive values of the milk remain relatively unchanged.

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