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President Director's Message

President Director's Message

From a dairy operation in the 1950s, PT Ultrajaya has grown dramatically to become one of Indonesia's leading producers of dairy products and other Ready to Drink (RTD) beverage products.

“A commitment to produce high quality products with strong brands, which meet the needs of the evolving Indonesian consumer” is our simple philosophy that will lead us to positive growth and which is reflected by our commitments:

  • To ensure that only the highest quality ingredients are used for production.
  • To produce the widest possible range of products for our consumers.
  • To ensure we have the right technology that will allow us to develop and manufacture a family of quality products.
  • To widely distribute our products throughout Indonesia, so all Indonesians can enjoy our products fresh from nature.

These values form a common bond and a shared philosophy for working together.

We fully commit to provide the needs of the Indonesian consumers, and also commit to create value for our shareholders. We take pride in our leadership position, and our ability to maintain our leadership. Maximizing our resources, we also actively pursue all possible avenues to increase production efficiency and to integrate our manufacturing processes.

We invite you to join through the pages of our web site that follow, and in the process, learn more about our people, our business and our opportunities in the exciting consumer market in Indonesia.

Customer Hotline

0 800 11 ULTRA
0 800 11 85872




*nomor ini hanya dipergunakan oleh PT Ultrajaya untuk menghubungi konsumen via SMS dan tidak berlaku sebaliknya. Customer Care hanya dapat dihubungi via telepon di nomor 0-800-11-85872
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