Teh Kotak Jasmine Tea

Teh Kotak Jasmine Tea

Teh Kotak Jasmine Tea, is an easy ready-to-drink way of enjoying tea anytime, anywhere. It's made from selected high quality tea leaves, which picked from highland tea plantations, and combined with Jasmine Flowers.

Teh Kotak Less Sugar now comes in as a new variant of Teh Kotak. It offers genuine taste of Jasmine Tea with less sugar that naturally refreshing and fit into your needs to lead your active and modern lifestyle.


Teh Kotak Jasmine Tea is ideal for daily drinking consumption at cold or room temperature. The product is also recommended for children aged 2 years above, teens and adults.

It contains mineral from fresh water which is mixed with Fresh Tea Leaves, sucrose and Jasmine Flower. Its also complete the needs of mineral in our body, especially after doing activities or exercise.

Teh Kotak Jasmine available in 2 carton pack size : 300 ml and 500 ml.

For 500 ml pack size, is now served with bottle cap for easy storing.

Teh Kotak Less Sugar available in carton pack size 300 ml


After tea leaves and Jasmine are brewed and mixed with sugar, then it is processed by UHT (Ultra High Temperature) sterilization, where it is quickly heated at high temperature of 120° C for 4 seconds to eliminate all bacteria. The shortest heating time ensures minimal lost of its freshness and tea aroma.

After the tea drink is aseptically processed, it is immediately packed in 6 layered aseptic cartons. These cartons comprise layers of food grade polyethylene plastic, aluminum foil and paper to prevent Ultra Violet light, air and bacteria from coming in contact with the tea drink.

The perfect combination of UHT Sterilization process and Aseptic packaging has ensured Teh Kotak remained long life without the use of any preservatives. The product has gained the official Halal Certificate issued by MUI (The Indonesian Council of Ulamas).


Before Opening:
Teh Kotak can be kept at the room temperature without refrigeration. Shelf life is about 12 months.

The product should be stored in the dry, clean and cool place.

After Opening:
The packaging must be closed tightly and kept in the refrigerator at the temperature of 4° C. The remaining product must be finished within 7 days.

However, it is strongly recommended especially for 300 ml pack size, to finish up the product once the pack is opened to ensure the consumer get the best tea freshness.

Jasmine Tea, Sugar, Water and Vitamin C

300 ml
24 packs
Pack size dimension(in cm) (L x W x H)
6.4 x 4 x 12.5
Case size dimension (in cm) (L x W x H)
34.8 x 20.5 x 13.1
Gross Weight/Case (in kg)
Content/20 Feet Container
3,000 cases
Maximum Stacking
8 cases
Teh Kotak Jasmine 200 ml
899 8009 04 006 1
Teh Kotak Jasmine 200 ml + extra 100 ml
899 8009 04 002 3
Teh Kotak Jasmine Less Sugar 200 ml + extra 100 ml
899 8009 04 028 3
500 ml
12 packs
Pack size dimension(in cm) (L x W x H)
7,10 x 6,20 x 14,60
Case size dimension (in cm) (L x W x H)
26,20 x 22,50 x 15,20
Gross Weight/Case (in kg)
Content/20 Feet Container
Maximum Stacking
4 cases
Teh Kotak Jasmine 500 ml
899 8009 04 013 9

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