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Technology Highlights

Technology Highlights

Our commitment to produce excellent quality products requires us to have heavily invest and regularly improve our processing and packaging system, as well as our highly automated plant which is regarded as one of Indonesia’s most sophisticated drink processing facility. These state-of-the-art, high technology facilities are used to preserve the freshness and nutritive values of the carefully sellected, natural ingredients.

We pioneered the use of UHT (Ultra High Temperature) and aseptic packaging technology for the production of long-life products in Indonesia. Our experience in this area spans more than 5 decades and has resulted in our established position as the market leader in the segment. Currently we are one of the largest producers of UHT products in the Asia Pacific region with total capacity of more than 100 million liter annually.

All the production processes are operated by machines, from the processing pure natural ingredients until the product is ready to leave the warehouse. All these processes ensure the hygiene of our products. More-over, we carry out thorough and stringent laboratory tests across the entire process to ensure the high quality standards we demand are met to benefit our consumer's healthy life.

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